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Vw: long-range ev $8,000 – evs, Vw says that their long range i.d. electric care will retail for $7,000-$8,000 less than the tesla model 3 – when it arrives in 2020.
Volkswagen’ .. arrives 2020 370 mile range, Vw has kicked off the paris motor show with some (much needed) flair, unveiling the fully electric i.d.. the i.d. looks like something straight out of back.
Vw unveils -electric suv concept aimed , Vw’s series of “i.d.” concept vehicles are expected to serve as the basis of a series of production cars built on vw’s new electric platform..
Vw’ affordable electric car emerge 2020, Vw’s affordable electric car will emerge in 2020. first, there was the beetle. then, there was the golf. and while the golf stays around, the i.d. is vw’s next big.
Oregon passes electric-car purchase rebates $2,500, Those fees will total approximately $110 a year, roughly in line with other states that have added fees on fully and partially battery-operated vehicles to make up.
Volkswagen builds ! gti 2017 örthersee tour, Volkswagen’s pint-sized up! hatchback has received the gti treatment. the car, still a concept, debuts next week at the 2017 wörthersee tour and will enter.
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Volkswagen .. 2020 – business insider, Volkswagen has called the electric concept car "revolutionary" and said it will serve as a template for a production vehicle in 2020..
Vw .. design signed brand gears , The vw i.d. electric car is drawing nearer to production as vw boss reveals design details at frankfurt motor show.

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