Volkswagen keen on Ducati merger or alliance – report

Volkswagen CEO says motorcycle maker needs a plan for its future

With the Volkswagen Group busy adjusting to a rapidly changing automotive landscape, Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group, says a merger or alliance for Ducati are likely outcomes.

Speaking to Handelsblatt, Diess outlined his thoughts on the motorcycle manufacturer.

Diess believes it’s “obvious” there are no synergies between the bike maker and the group’s automobile business, just as there’s no overlap between the company’s truck and car operations.

He said Ducati needs to come up with a plan for its future, including how to tackle electric propulsion and where sales growth will come from.

With the company still dealing with the fallout from the Dieselgate affair, and its pivot towards electric vehicles, Diess notes it’s important for Volkswagen to “manage the size of the group”.

“I can also imagine a merger or a partnership with other brands”, the Volkswagen Group boss said.

Other parts of the business under review are the MAN truck division and engineering services company Renk.

This isn’t the first time the future of Ducati within the Volkswagen Group has been called into question. A report in April 2017 claimed Volkswagen had engaged Evercore, a banking advisory firm, to help it find a buyer for the motorcycle manufacturer.