Victoria and NSW preparing SUV superhighways

Victoria and New South Wales are organizing to construct highways developed solely for large-using crossovers, dependent on the segment’s escalating reputation among Australian people.

In February, the SUV group accounted for 41.5 per cent of revenue in Australia: streets in advance of passenger vehicles on 25.9 for each cent.

Both equally the Victorian Labor and New South Wales Liberal condition governments are responding, modifying their infrastructure programs to accommodate the at any time-escalating horde of large-using loved ones haulers.

Neither state was inclined to expose which streets would be specified as so-called SUV superhighways, but documents attained by CarAdvice as a result of a very long-operating independence-of-data campaign expose the on-yet again, off-all over again East-West website link in Melbourne will be the initially.

The superhighways will be unsealed, with areas of 100-110mm deep ruts to deter anyone driving a non-SUV from getting into. They’ll be diligently monitored to make certain no ruts further than 110mm emerge, lest somebody in a Mazda CX-3 get trapped.

“We’ve been screening this tactic for many years,” Daniel Andrews, Victorian Leading, told CarAdvice in an exclusive interview.

“Ever wondered why we really do not fix potholes? This is why,” he said, hunting extra smug than normal.

“These roads will be more affordable to create than common highways, and cater for at least 40 for each cent of the motoring community.

“Think of them as the automotive equal of fibre to the node.”

Must the East-West superhighway be effectively been given, there is discuss of gravelly, rutted SUV lanes on existing roadways.

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