Toyota Gazoo trademarks hint at tuned 86, Yaris models for Europe

86 GR and Yaris GR should at least have revised styling and improved handling

Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s racing and tuning arm, has applied for European trademarks for the GT86 GR and Toyota Yaris GR names.

The trademark applications found by Autocar suggest Toyota is developing, or at least investigating, warmed-over versions of its affordable sports coupe and small hatch. It’s unclear when or if these cars will surface.

With the 86 — sold as the GT86 in Europe — fast approaching its seventh birthday, it’s possible the Gazoo-modified model could be used to entice a few more buyers into the first generation car.

If the European-spec GT86 GR is similar to the 86 GR released in Japan last year, it will feature no extra power, but rather focus on visual and driving enhancements. The Japanese 86 GR included Sachs dampers, upgraded brakes, Recaro seats, RAYS alloy wheels, and revised styling.

The Yaris hatch is an even older proposition, with the current model dating back to 2010.

It’s likely the Yaris GR will use components and share styling similarities with the limited-edition Yaris GRMN (above). If we were speculate, this model would feature steering, suspension and styling upgrades.