L2020 Asset Allocation

Tsp: lifecycle funds, Who should invest. for participants who will withdraw their money beginning 2018 through 2024. objective. to achieve a moderate level of growth with a moderate.
Tsp 2020 2030 [thrift savings plan lifecycle funds, L2020 is 59% bonds (mostly g fund) and 41% stock (with about a 2:1 us:intl ratio). l2030 is 37% bonds 63% stock using similar ratios as l2020..
Thrift savings plan – expert analysis trading , 20min. delay http://finance.yahoo.com. lifecycle funds. in 2005, the tsp introduced the lifecycle funds (l2040, l2030, l2020 l2010, l income), which are composed of.
L funds, lifecycle funds (april 2017), Title: l funds, lifecycle funds (april 2017) author: frtib subject: l funds, lifecycle funds keywords: l funds, lifecycle funds, l 2050, l 2040, l 2030, l2020, l.
Ask experts: money matters — mike miles, Q. i retired under discontinued service retirement in 2015, however, i was under the minimum retirement age of 55. i have applied for disability retirement, which i.