Jaguar might become an all electric brand – report

Dramatic sales slide has management considering radical plan

Jaguar Land Rover management is reportedly considering a radical plan to transform Jaguar into an electric-only luxury car brand.

Slumping sales, with the XE, XF and F-Pace down by between 17 to 25 per cent, are causing serious headaches at company headquarters as management grapples with plans for its next generation of vehicles.

Sources have told Autocar, if current sales trends continue, the company may be forced to radically reshape the brand’s range in order to ensure its survival.

As previous reports have indicated, the XJ will be replaced within two years by an electric sedan, which will provide an all-electric alternative to the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Bentley Flying Spur.

Under the all-EV plan it will be joined in 2023 by a new electric crossover, around the size of the Audi e-tron, to replace the XE and XF sedans. A second-generation version of the I-Pace would then join the party in 2025, while the F-Type might be replaced an electric sports car.

At this point the company’s only model with an internal combustion engine would be the large J-Pace crossover.

According to initial estimates, this EV range could generate up to 300,000 sales a year across the globe. If this turns out to be so, it could be a boon for the British automaker as it will help to lower the company’s corporate average fuel economy, and allow the firm to continue producing internal combustion SUVs under the Land Rover and Range Rover marques.

With these new EV models residing in high margin segments, it will justify Tata’s continued invested in the leaping cat. It’s said Indian management has been disappointed that despite their substantial investment, which has yielded a full lineup of three sedans and two crossovers, the brand will struggle to hit a combined 175,000 sales this year.

It’s not clear how much time Jaguar Land Rover management have to sort out Jaguar’s model plans, or which way they’re leaning.