Hyundai i30 N: DCT confirmed for ‘late-2019’

Hyundai has confirmed the i30 N scorching hatch will get a dual-clutch transmission solution in late-2019, likely accompanied by the entry-stage variant not currently provided in Australia.

According to Andrew Tuitahi, senior merchandise supervisor for Hyundai Australia, described the choice to launch with only the Performance-spec i30 N as a “statement of intent”, but mentioned the array will continue evolving.

“The i30 N line-up will adapt around time,” Tuitahi stated, speaking to media at the neighborhood i30 N travel software. “We’ll review how the typical version goes in other markets,” he later extra.

According to Invoice Thomas, communications boss for Hyundai Australia, it’s a “no-brainer to deliver the standard i30 N out at the time the DCT is online”. That comment was backed by the organization CEO, who acknowledged the “sales limitations” of only offering a manual gearbox.

At this stage, the twin-clutch transmission is probably to arrive in “late 2019”. Thomas would not be drawn on what that is probable to imply for profits, arguing it is “hard to say” how the self-shifter will improve customer uptake.

At the moment, there are 40 consumer orders from a advertising operate on the Hyundai website.

As for what the i30 N will do for Hyundai? Perfectly, it is not heading to be a volume seller. Jung Wook Lee, area CEO for Hyundai, suggests it “will alter our [Hyundai’s own] attitudes to our cars”.

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