Ford patents method for removing new car smell

In the future, your car might go for a spot of sunbaking while you’re away

Ford has a filed a patent application for an automated method for removing new car smell from freshly minted vehicles.

According to the filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office, the new car smell is caused by volatile organic compounds (VOCs) given off by leather, plastic and vinyl materials used within a car’s interior. Adhesives, sealants and glass cleaners may also contribute to the odour.

These VOCs are are released in greater quantities when the car is hot. So, Ford’s solution is to “bake” the car and release those VOCs until most of the new car smell has gone away.

The process described in the patent involves parking the car in the sun, opening the windows slightly, and optionally turning the engine, heater and fan on.

Ford’s patent relates to an automated, or semi-automated, system for removing the new car smell after the car has been purchased.

The system includes special software and various air quality sensors, and must be fitted to an autonomous or semi-autonomous vehicle.

If the car determines it has the right climate conditions and enough time to expel out some VOCs, it can drive itself to a nearby sunny spot and begin removing some of that smell.