Bentley Centenary Specification to feature on all cars built in 2019

Special elements, most in a new shade of gold, will be fitted to all 2019 build vehicles

All Bentley models built between January 2019 and December 2019 will be fitted with unique Centenary Specification elements.

Bentley has come up with a new metallic gold colour, dubbed Centenary Gold, which is “inspired by the exquisite metalwork” found on classic models, including the 1919 EXP 2 and 1929 Birkin Blower. It will also reportedly shine and reflect light in the same way as jewellery.

This colour will be used on the front and rear badging of all models built in 2019. The badge on the steering wheel, key fob, gear selector, and wheel caps will also feature this shade of gold.

Centenary Specification models will also feature tread plates with “1919-2019” written on them.

Buyers can also opt to equip their 2019 build cars with a special centenary welcome light and seat embroidery, including new headrest logos. Cross stitching or contrast stitching in Centenary Gold is also available.

The odds are unsurprisingly short we’ll hear more about the company’s centenary celebrations as we wade through the remainder of 2018.