2019 AMG GT R Roadster spied

Flagship track weapon looks set to raise the roof – or just lose it entirely.

A drop-top take on the hottest Mercedes-AMG, the GT R, has been spied during development testing.

The AMG GT R Roadster will sit alongside its Nurburgring-conquering coupe sibling, with power from a twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 making 430kW and 700Nm, sent exclusively to the rear wheels.

That should be good for a 100km/h sprint time of around 3.6 seconds, and a top speed in excess of 300km/h. In other words, fast enough to make your hair stand on end.

Where the regular GT Roadster has a retractable rear spoiler, the GT R is likely to have a bigger, fixed unit down back, as is the case with the coupe. It should also have pumped up guards, designed to house a wider track

There’s a mean-looking diffuser complete with a centrally-mounted exhaust, along with wheels from the GT R Coupe. We don’t have pictures of the interior, but we’d suggest it’ll closely mirror that of the hardtop, with a prominent traction control dial in the middle of the dashboard and racy bucket seats.