2018 Volkswagen Transporter Trakkadu 400 review

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With the never-ending rise of house prices in this country – although, even as I write this, the news pages have swung around to the gloom and doom of predicting massive price drops – it’s enough to have me dreaming of something else.

An escape from the mundaneness of the endless news cycle. Good news, bad news, indifferent news, any news really. And that is partly why I think escaping our city confines to travel this great country is so popular right now. It’s a way of thumbing our noses at our capitalist selves.

Vans are very popular for such journeys, mainly among the younger set, but certainly not exclusive to it. And if you look hard enough, you will find multiple social media pages extolling the virtues of what they call ‘van life’.

Given that popularity, it’s a surprise that there are not more options coming from the van manufacturers themselves. That could be because many people do like to go their own way, so to speak, and set up their own conversions. But what do you do if it is simply too much hassle to do your own conversion, you have absolutely no tradecraft skills or a caravan is too big?


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