2018 Volkswagen Touareg Review and Price

The Touareg has been one of the better selling two-rows crossovers ever since it was originally launched back in 2002 and the current model which has been released back in 2011 is not that bad either. It is a refined and very comfortable car which offers a good amount of versatility being great on the road and quite good in off-road as well. However, it is not as great as the first generation but it is much better on the road where most people are actually using it. The car uses the same old platform as the older Q7 which has been first released nearly 10 years ago and the 2018 Volkswagen Touareg did not changed this either.

In fact, the new platform which debuted on the last Q7 will only be seen on the Touareg with the 2018 model year which is also when the car will be completely revamped. Until then though, the 2018 model will have to do. So, what it brings extra over the older models? Well, the new 2018 Volkswagen Touareg is the most refined version yet offering a really understated look which many would argue that it looks like a bigger Golf.

2018 Volkswagen Touareg

2018 Volkswagen Touareg

While this is not that far from the truth, the Touareg offers one of the most refined interiors on the market and its engines are a cut above its competitors. Just as you would expect though, all of these come with a cost. The base model of the car comes at $45,000 or more and it can go up to more than $80,000 which is quite a bit more than some of its competitors.


Engine wise, the 2018 Volkswagen Touareg is available with three different engines on the US and European markets and there are also two more in a few select Asian countries. The base model offers a 3.6 liter naturally aspirated V6 which offers a nice balance between power, at 276 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque, and fuel consumption, being able to return around 22 MPG on average with ease. Further up the model’s range there is also a 3 liter twin-turbocharged V6 diesel which offers 240 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque while offering 26 MPG on average. The top of the range model for the two markets is a 3 liter supercharged V6 which is coupled with an electric motor, offering 380 horsepower and 428 lb-ft of torque. All of these come as standard with all wheel drive as well as an 8 speed automatic gearbox.Some markets also get the 4.2 liter naturally aspirated V8 which offers 360 horsepower and 317 lb-ft of torque or a 4.1 liter twin-turbocharged V8 diesel, offering a more impressive 340 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque.

2018 Volkswagen Touareg Exterior and Interior

2018 Volkswagen Touareg performance

The exterior of the new Touareg remained mostly unchanged since it was launched back in 2011 and the car only received minor tweaks. The 2018 model comes with slightly different LED headlights as well as a new option for the wheel’s designs on the range topping model. Unfortunately, there is not R version available which is a bit sad but there is an R-line version which adds a sportier body-kit and larger than usual wheels.

2018 Volkswagen Touareg interior

2018 Volkswagen Touareg interior

Inside the cabin, the 2018 Volkswagen Touareg is just as impressive as it ever been and the newest model comes with VW’s newest infotainment system which is an Android based system that is said to be both faster and easier to use than the one of the previous generation. On top of that the car comes with a Wi-Fi hotspot system and all of its information systems such as GPS or even the Point-of-Interest system are provided by Google and they are available around the World in many different languages.