2017/18 Jeep Grand Cherokee tow bar package recalled

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has issued a remember for the WK Grand Cherokee equipped with a tow bar kit, above fears bolts and washers on the package could arrive unfastened when towing.

If the bolts and washers arrive loose, there’s a hazard the tow bar could detach although towing, placing drivers and other roadways consumers at possibility.

FCA estimates 2350 tow bars are affected, and says there are no documented accidents or accidents relevant to the fault at this point.

The components were being marketed soon after May well 31, 2017, and have the portion figures LA82210140 or LA82210141.

Owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted by mail and suggested to halt applying the tow bar, ahead of a next letter notifies them when parts are in inventory.

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